Haunebu & VRIL Gallery

This site contains a small collection of Haunebu and VRIL illustrations.
These illustrations have been mostly created by our propaganda department for recruitment purposes. Therefore, you may excuse it, they contain some mark ups for this reason which are there to fulfill the propaganda purpose.
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The VRIL society & art

The VRIL society needs more art! More freedom! More active members and less hiding in the secrets.
What is being thought of the VRIL society by the common people? Occult practise, lon haired women who dance naked in the moonshine, witches, etc.
Mostly forgotten is the creative part behind this! VRIL art!
Sure, you still have the background of the VRIL society and the past, but they never could develope such thinkgs like Haunebu without being thatr creative. Creativity has enabled them to develope such things.
Creativity comes from the stars. Alderbaran
Haunebu arise!

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